Chapter 2: The Second Big Battle


chapter 2: the seocnd big battle

we all ran out of misaros apato  xcept 4 shinji who was cryin in his room being a stupid fucking cunt. misapo was running sexly in slow motion  down the stairs i saw her butt jiggle like mello.  i wanted to toss her salad so fucking badly but i kbew wed have ti figt first.  we jimped into her car nd drove off! were r we going i said and she said were going to REIS APARTMENT! i intantly got a big fat boner when it pooped up  it was so big it almost BROKE THE WINDSHEILD.  i culdnt wait to show rei how awesom i am and how much shini is a fucking cocksucking bitch. 

we got toi her apartment. "hey let me do it" said misato "no! ill go BY MYSELF BITCH!" i said to misato nd slammed the door. she startd 2 rub her cunt the moment i left.  "oh that ronan his muscles r so fiucking big! i cant wait to suck his dick! i bet hell fuck me like no man culd!" she thougt to herself as i ran up the stars  to ray.

"REI!!!! R U IN HERE REI!!!" i scremed pounding ont eh door but she wuldnt answer so i cicked it open.  "LISTEN U FUKING CUNT!!! WE NED TO FIGT THE FUKING ANGEL U BITCH NOW GET THE FUCK IUT HERE NOW FUCKING FUCK FUCK SHIT COCKASS!"  but she wasnt cumming. so i stared to destoy parts of her room  while looked arond it BUT THEN i saw some glasses they look like comandra ikaris glasses he was shinjis dad duh u know?  i rembered his evil laugh and wondred if gendou was fucking her he better not have becaus THEN HE IS A PEDO AND IT IS WRONG FOR OLDER MEN TO FUCK GIRLS!  they belong to us hot yung guys plus yeah duh it makes u a fucking pedo ok. BUT JUST THEN REI WALKED INTO THA ROOM! "wat did u do 2 my room" she said in quet sexy vowce.  "i destoyd it becaus u werent coming out" i said "ok" she said. holy shit she was competey naked holy fuciing shit! i culd see her tits her nippls were hard and her pussy lookd real tight. "is gnedo fucking u slut?" "what do u mean" "i mean is who DOING THIS" and i walked up to her and we tumbled to the grond.  "omg that feeling ive never felt it before...." i rubbed her tits and sucked on the," yes! yes! i love this! genods never done this im a virgin!" "WHAT!"  i scremed at her and hit the floor with my faust.  "lets fix dat baby!" i said and shoved my fist in2 her dripping wet cunt.  "ugh yes! do it jake yes!"  she scramed she was moaning in pleshure. i could feel hger servix  and so she scremed. "omg it feels so good but it herts too.... i want someting ELSE in there!" she said. so then i stood up and unzipped my pantz  when she saw my cock she gasped and screamed nd ran beind the bed she was so scared. "omg its so big i dont think i can take it!!" "oh yeah u will!"  i said nd we both giggled. so then she got back over ont he floor an lai down with her eyes closed and i rammed by big fat cock in there. "OOOOOOOOWWWWOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSSSH! " she scramed my cock wasnt even in there for a few minutes and she squerted like a supersoaker. i pulld out and she said "cum on my tits and face yes!" so i did i soaked her titties and face in my thick cremy cum. she then sucked  my cum off her tis and we finished and got dressed but she kept the cum on her face to show misato.  "oh wow jake im a competely different girl now!" "r u gonna hang out with sinji anymore" "FUCK NO!" she scremed happily and we went down to the car and got in the car and rei showed mayo her face. "oh wow hahaha i see what happned in there! u feel good rei?" "fuck yes i do! lets go fight!" and we drove off.

as we left tje apatment all of suden we saw THE ANGEL!!!! IT WAS A HUGE BLOCKY THING IT SEEMD KIND OF LIKE A REFRENCE TO THAT SHITTY MOVIE FROM THA 60S  THAT WAS REALLY FUCKING BORING  I THINK IT WAS DIRECTDED BY THAT GUY CUBICROCK  OR SOMETUING YEAH ANYWAY IT WAS making weird noisez. "wer gonna beat thayt shit the fuck up!" i scramed nd misato and rei rubbed my croitch at the same time.

when we got to nerv misato was all like "ok go down stairs and ull see ur eva that was made JUST 4 U!"  i was so fuciing happy i put on my badass unglasses and went down to my new eva.  "WOWWW HOLY SHIT!!!" i said it was so fucking awesome. it was amost comoletly black with a bit of gold plating on it and was super muslcegy.  i bet it gets all the girl evas  LOL! it had silver spikez on its shulder and arms and had red eyes that glowd goldish  when it was very angry. it had a red cape on it that helped it fly  and a paoir of sunglases 2  and then a giant sword and bigass badass machineguf.  i hppped onto my eva and blasted of. "GO EKAJ U FUCKING GO OK U WONDEROUSLY SEXY MAN YEAH!" screamed ristoku from her room meyer came up behind her and rubbed ritsies tis so her nipples got hard and stated to spray milk all over the glass. 

i was flying to tha figt when i saw reis eva it wasnt flyig it was wlaking so i picked her up and she flew with me. "thank u so much for taking me i cant do that becaus eim not awesome!"  "ur not awsome but u r sexy!" i said and i herad her giggle. her eva looked like her eva from the show except now it had big plates on it 2 look like tits and sexy replica pussy  plus eyelassshes and her feet now had high heels. THEN WE SAW THE ANGEL!!!

"EKAJ GO AND FIGHT IT ILL HOLD UR BACK!!!" so i ran to it and statrd to blast it but it wasnt getting hurt!! vut just then i heard misato on my speaker! "EKAH! UR BEING VERY SEXY AN DOIN A GR8 JIB!  BUT DO U C DOSE CORDS BY U???" she asked and ii looked. "yes i do y skank?" "CONNECT THOSE 2 UR GUN AND SHOOT THE ANGEL THAT WILL DEFET IT!!!" "OH WOW OK ILL DO IT!!" so i took the cords and put them in my gon and then SHOT IT AND IUT BLEW UP TO A BAZILLION PEICES!!! rei held my back as a ran and she got all the heat. her pod thingy was thrown out so i got out of my eva and ran to it and opened it and there she was all sweaty and naked rubbing her pussy because she jknew id come to save her.  "mmm hey ekaj thanks for cumming! oh! i think im gonna 2!" and she sprayed the whole inside of it with her pussy juice.  i carried her out of the thing and we met misato. "u guys did a fantasic job!! especialy u ekaj!!! ur the best eva pilot ever much bettr than that idiot shinji what a fucking dumbass loser!" she said and we all laughed BUT SHINJI WAS THEREW!  AND HE SCREAMED "NO NO NO! I THOT U WERE MY FREND MISATO NOOO!!" and he screamed and cried an ran off! as he was runing away he said "IM LEAVING NERV 4EVER!"  we all rolled r eyes. "oh well misato i guess i ull have to gio get gim back" i said. "ugh do i have to?" and we all laughed. "but yeah guess ill go get him brb"

misato drove to the tran station nd there shinji was with all his bagsu.  "shinji u need to come back ok we dont realy need u but ur dad would be kinda pissed tho not really but still u need to come ok u little shithead?"  "BUT EKAJ IS SO MEAN HES HORIBLE ITS LIKE HES WONDERFIL AND OPERFECT! HES GOT A HUGE COCK ND EVERYTING!" "HE IS FUCKING WONDRFUL AND PEFECT HES MORE MAN THAN ULL EVER B U FUCKING PUSSY CUNT! now come with me k?"  "y shuld i u guys hate me!" "yeah we do actualy but ok well were still gona need more pilots than three." "theres a third" ge asked. "yeah were gonna go meet her on a boat her names asuka shes sio fucking sexy shes got red hair and shes german but not a nazi."  "maybe shell like me!" he said, "probably not but u shuld come anyway OK NOW GET THE FUCK OVER HERE NOW UF CUKING COCKSUCKER!" she scremed but the train came and it looke like he was gonna get ion vut he didnt so he came with her. "thats better now u kno ur place uf fucking losernerd cuntface." "yeah i guess" and he cried as they went to their car lol what fucking fag. 

the next day

the next day we were all getting on a big badas helicotper with spikes and shit  we were all holdin r bags and shit and shini was at the back of the line STILL CRYING BECAUYSE HES A FUCKING CUNT! anywa we rode on the helicoptr to a big militray boat and then we landed on the boats helicpter landing area place thing. 

we walked on2 the boat and this girl walked out with long red whore  and a dress on. she walked up and said "what do u bulborus  idiots fucking want who are you?" "im ekaj and this is toji sasuke and then that oser over there cryin is shinji the unot 100s pilot" "OMG!!!!! UR EKAJ???? NO FUKING WAU!! I LOVE U AND EVERYTING U DO UR AWESOME!! not shinji tho haha u suck shinji go cry in a corner or some shit fucker" she screamed at him  then she rubbed my pants "dammmmmmm son! u gots urself a big ole dick!" she said smiling "wait ur german right so youre not a nazi right right?" i asked and she said "no im one of the few germans WHO ISNT"  "oh wow thats awesome. now suck on my cock slut." and she unzipped my pants and pulled out my huge cock. "SO FUCKING BIG! GUDENMORGEN!"  she stuck the cock in hjer mouth and slobbed all over it toji watched "you go ekaj!!" kensuki cheered too. shinji didnt say anything though because hes fucking stupid.  she could almost not handle my cock it was so huge my balls slappd her chin then i held her head tightly as a came "IM CUMMING!" i screamed and misato was watching from the window "hes so hot" she said she had her hans down her tit leathar pants nd was rubbin her clut aganst her fingore like it was firewood.  then i cummed in asukas throat so much she almost choked but didnt so it was fine. i pulled my cock out of her mouth. my cock was still dripping cum and sperm was drooling from her mouith. i looked at shinji. "god your so fucking weak shinji. i bet your jealous huh? jealous of   A BIG FAT COCK LIKE MINE AND THAT I GET TO FUCK AND YOU DONT BECAUSE YOUR A STUPID VIRGIN LOSER?!" "BAWWWWWW!" shinji cried and ran off. asuka laughed and toji smiled but kensuke said "dont you think youre being mean?"  "SHUT THE UP!" i yeled and punched him so hard he got knocked out. me toji and sakura  walked away chickling.

were were all at the cafeteria on the boat eating sexy food  when we herd a roar! "OH SHITSNACKS!" said mistao! "its an ANGEL! scremed asuka!  i held all three of the girls they were scared "WELL FIGHT THIS ONE TOGETHER ASUKA!" "yes sir!" she said and we ran to our suit place we had to fight the next angel!

END OF CHATPER 2!!! great chapter huh?  its gonna get even better  and im gonna fix all the shity things about the show I PROMISE! this is gonna be the best eva fic ever much better than the shit show and movie!!

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