Chapter 1: The Arrival



OK! hello everybody! i know this might shock som of u but this id me JAKE TANNER. I WROTE NARUTO VENAGENCE REVELAIONS!  do u guys remmebr that fantastic fanfic?  well this is me again! the guy who wrote it! i no ive been gone 4 a long time, since october 2011 actually, but I'M BACK! I had to quit the internet for a while because my stupid fucking ex-stepbrother hacked my fic and posted some bullshit chaper that FUCKING SUCKE!  well anyway since then me and tina r still together and yes we fuck a lot still. im 15 now and this fall im going to high school! isnt THAT GR8?  anyway so i want to aplosigze 4 how kinda of homophoby i could be in my old fic  im not i want gay mariage im just STRAIGHT AND NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT I LOVE PUSSY  (ps im not sexist)!  but anyway i dont realy like naruto anymore i started watching more of shipuden and its just stupid i also found about all those yaoi girls why would they do that to naruto and sasuke?  fuck. anyway so yeah right now im geting back into animes i loves when i was a kid like dbz, pokemon, yugioh, and i also like bleach more now so yeah.those are the BEST ANIME EVER.  but even tho i dont like naruto anymore im really proud of that fic!  im gonna b using some of the characters from it here!  aslo do u guys rembr wen i said i dint like westrn animaton well i still don ECEPT 1! i fond out abt dat show my litle pony wel at first i was like dats 4 fags  but ten iw atchd nd i liked it its awesom its the best westrn animted show EVR!!  but IM NOT GAY JST BECUS I LIKE IT OK LOTS OF MANLY GUYS LIKE IT ALRIT  ITS AEEOSME SO FUK OFF HATRS BRONIES R DA BST!

anyway so u guys mite b wondering y im writing a nge fic huh? well im writing this because before my stepmom and my dad divorced benji )my stepbro DUH) had mentioned this show to and said i should watch it 'because its beautyful especaly the movie'  or some dumbass retarded shrap like that. well yea right like im going tow atch some shitty show he likes he likes shit but its an anime so i thot about watching it later sometime. tinas cousin pedro really likes nge and i met him and sometimes hes cool so since im fucking his cousin i said fine and we watched it. I thot the first 13 episodes were ok but kinda boring and angtsy but then the next 4 episodes or whatever started geting really annoying AND THEN THE REST! THE REST OF TEH SHOW AND THE MOVIE FUCKING SUCKED! I FUCKIN HATED UT!! SHINJI SUCKS!!!  I HATE HATE HIN! AND KAWARO 2! I HATE THIS SHOW ITS XTIAN PROPOGRANDA!   AND I REALLY HATED THE TV SHOW EDING AND ESPECIALY MOVIE! THAT MOVIE WAS WEROD AND SCARY   AND THA MUSIC SUCKED IT WAS 2 MODERN! IT MADE ALL NO FUCKING SENSE!  SO NOW IM WRITING A FIC THAT MAKES IT GOOD! i mean YEAH i like dark stuff and shit but evanGAYrion (got it right fucking tards?) was TOO DARK AND DEPRESING SHOWS SHOULD BE HAPPY ND FUN I WATCH TV 2 ESCAP NOT TO SEE PPL ANGST ND B STUPID WHINY CUNTS!!   but anywa im not sure how long this fic will be but probably 13 chaptrs or even less.  i dont have time 2 do a really long fic like nvr because in workin on something else really SPECIAL THAT YOU WILL ALL LOVE.  btw i wont be puting much fetishy stuff since im not into it as much BUT there will b lots of hot sex! 

oh yeah and this story is basicaly about what it would be like if a MANLY NON PUSSY guy came in and took shinjis place! it changes the whole series. isnt going back and changing all series A VERY ORIGINAL IDEA!?

Chapter 1: the arrival

the year was 2015 and the world had ben blown up by the 2 impact or some stupid shit like that  anyway my name was Ekaj and im 5 years old.  my dad is ronan beelzbub  and we come from a different place but now my dad, and sakura are in another dimension so i traveled here. my gf atni was doing something else right now  so it was just me by myself. i am 6 feet tall  and have dark red hair  with some blue straeks in it and one gold streak  (because naruto is 1/4 my father). i have blue eyes that shine sexily when girls look into them  and i have huge biceps (20" around) big pecs and an 8 pack.  my penis is 15" long, the same as my age haha.  my balls are the size of tennis balls  so i am so much more of a man than shinji even if i hadn't met him yet.   i was wearing black baggi shorts that had flames sown onto them and i also wore a dark red shirt that had those really smalls straps what are they called? bitchbeaters or something?  yeah those. i was wearing sandals  with metalic straps on them and studs on them too. i was fucking badass.

anway it was really sunny out those stupid bugs were chirping "STFU!" i shouted and so the cicads  or whatever theyre called stopped making noises.  "tahts better" i said and kept walking down the steet strutting my sexy bod. all the japanese chicks were rasping  in shock at my hottness but i ignored them i had something else on MY mind.

i had been trasnfered to a school here  and today had ben my first day. everybody was to scared 2 talk 2 me becus girls thout i was to sexy and guys thot i was too badass  so they didnt talk to me i jsut sat at my desk loking fucking awesomeing smoking a joint  + sippin a beer  an awering all the questons right.while there i had heard of thos place called NERV and they were going to fight this thing calld an angel  with a giant robot and i knew i had the power to help. i knew i was stronger and hotter than any of the other kids  there so with my super inteligence  i found out where nerv was and was going there RIGHT NOW.

when i got to NERV there was a fmeale gourd  blocking my way. "sorry fella u cant come in" she said. "oh yeah?" and i whipped out my heug cawk.  "OH SHIT!" she dropped to her nees nd was droolling som much there was a puddle blow us.  "now can i come in?" i said "HELL YES BUT YOU HAVE 2 LET ME TUCH IT!" "sure bitch" i said and she did. she squeezed it and i gasped but then ripped it from her hands  and walked down with a badge she gave me.  "PLEASE DONT LEAVE, I WANT THAT DICK!"  she sceamed but I dgaf about her. my tag had a realy sexy picture of me on it.  i was flipping of tha camera in the pic.  below it was my name diamon in crusted  as "Ekaj Beelzebub"

wen i got insid i went 2 wherwe i was suspoed to be  i went to his room with montoors and people working on cumpoters and then i saw this super sexy bitch with blackish purply hair. he ass  was so tight goddamn i knew i wanted to fuck that shit till it fuckin broke. i walked up to her "hey baby wats ur name" she looked ovr at me in shock "oh wow ur hot. hi my name is misatp"  "mm ill call u missy mmkay?" "lol" she giggled" "i like that!" then i looked arond the room and saw some stupid nerdy guy  werkin on the comp a guy with long hair  and i hot girl who i could tell was a lesbian.  then i looked behn us and saw a guy with supr shiny glases his hand s were in front of his face  i knew he was EVIL.  but then an alarm went off! hen some sexy doctor chick ran in and screamed "AN ANGEL IS FUCKIN ATTACKING YOU ASSHOLES! GET TO WORK! GWAHHHHHHHHHH!" she was cryuing histericaly nd her eys were bulging  like my cock does in my pantsu.

"SEND OUT DA EVA BITCHES!" ritsuka screanmed at ass  and misato and me rushed to where the eva is. then i herd some whiny cunt crying and looked down. "whos the litle bitch" i asked. "thats commandeer irakis son shinji" "what stupid dumbess".  i jumped down there sexily  and went over there. "U NEED TO PILOTS THIS EVA NOW LOSER!" i screamed at him so hard my spit went into his face. "I CANT PILOT THIS I DON WANT TO WORK FOR MY DAD I CANT I CANT RUN AWAY BUT WAGHHHHHHH!" "GET OVER IT!"  i punched shinji out  and he fell down. his nose was bleeding and he cried like a little bitch "waghaahhhhh!" he welped. i  new tha litle bitch wuldnt do a thing  so i hoped into his eva and rituko was in the room overhead screaming with her hair looking electricfed "HOLY SHIT MOTHERFUCKERS! HIS NSYNC  RATE IS LIKE 10000 FUCKING PERCOCET!"  Maya was so shocked she kissed risuko pasionated on the lips  and groped her servix. 

i was geting ready to lunch now and mifune sceamed "HASHI!" (dats what day say for launch in japanse!_   as my eva baslted off to fight the nargle.

"hey U AGNEL OVER THERE!" he ooked at me scared because of my sexy  loud anger vouce. "YEAH U IM TALKIN 2 U GET OVA HERE!" and it ran over to fight me but i punched it away as it ran at me. as i was walkin torawd it to kill it i saw a young girl standing in the street and picked her up and said "here let me help you" and threw her to satfey.

then i walkd over to tha angel and icked it up  and slammed it on the grind so hard it was bleeding. "hahahaha!!! shinjr could neva do this!"  i stomped on it. but then it jumpd up at me and punchd me i fell down and was hurt!"

"RAHHHH!!!!!!" i screamed and chrged at it and took its arms nd ripped them off i was ripping the angle to pieces. "HES IN FUCKING BERSERKER MODE WTF!" screamed risupo. shinji faunted watching the fight on screen because hes a fucking pussy and couldnt handle the beating i was giving to the angel. a beating he could never fucking give because he SUCKS.   i kept beting the shit out of it then i ripped its heart out nd ate it out  and it was DEAD. everybody cheerd i was the best fucing eva pulot ever bitches but i was hert so i wen i came back i need to go to the opstial.

when shinji woke up i was there in the hospital room with him. "god u fucking suck" i told him and he started to cry. "oh is that it? ur gonna cry like a little bitch? snap out of it!"  i slapped him and he shut the hell up like he should. then misato came in "hey you two i have some news. youre both gonna come live with me and Ekaj they made an Eva JUST FOR U!" she hugged me and fell my dick get hard as it rubbed against her thighs.  "lets leave the little boy alone for a minute." so we went outside and she said "i had no idea u were so huge!  ur defonitely not a boy like shinji.... ur A MAN!" and she kissed me then walked off to her cool car.  i went back into shinjis room "what were u doing ekak" "none of your fucking business loser." i said and then got my stuff and left so he could cry by himself like the limp dick fucker he is.

the next day i walked to school as sexy as ever, not even bruised from my fight.  but when i got into the class i saw somebody was there i didnt want to see. it was shinji.  "FUCK!" i screamed and he started to cry "im sorry ekaj its not my fault!  i didnt want to come but i had to and im so sorry!" he yelled. "UR SITTING IN MY FUCKING CHAIR BITCH!" i screamed at him, then pushed him out of the shcair and he fell to the floor crying. everybody laughed at him.  a guy called toji came up and said "hey you saved my sister from being killed by the angel thanks so much! lets be friends."  sure" i said back and we shook hands he seemed much cooler than shinji but then this other kid came up i cant remember his name and he was super annoying. "is that ur friend toji" i asked. "well yeah but if you dont like him i dont need to be friends with him"  toji said so i said "i dont like him" "ok" he said so then i punched the kid and he cried and went over to shinji me and toji laughed.   then a girl came up whos name i cant remember either  "hey" she said she was pretty hot. "who are you" i asked. "Im Toji's gf." she said "oh" i said. "are you guys fucking?" i asked toji. "oh.... no. we arent." he said and i burst out LAUGHING! "HAHAHAH! For somebody cool you sure are being a loser!"  i said. "well we'll do it sometime!" he said and i kept laughing. "whatever" i said and finished my test which i got an A++++  on.  then as we finished a girl came in with bandages on her. it was that girl i saw earlier. Rei was her name. "wow shes pretty sexy" said Toji. "yeah she is. im gonna fuck her soon but she needs to stop hanging out with that fucking loser shinji"  i said as i watchjed her walk to shinji.

after class i walked home and waved bye to my friends. shinji was already home and was crying in his bedroom.  i opened his door to tell him to shut up but i saw him jerking off too a picture of rei. i laughed at his tiny cock.  "HAHA! U WANNA C A REAL DICK?" i said and i pulled mine out  and he started at it but kept jerking. "oh you find this hot i bet huh you pussy!" i put it back in my pants because i didnt want him jerking off to me wtf?  then he stopped and started to crying really loud. "WHTY CANT I BE MONSTER HUNG LIKE YOU! GO AWAY!!"  he screamed and tried to throw something at me but i threw it back at him hitting him in the face hurting him so hard he bled. i laughed at him for sucking  and went to the kitchen misato was there. "hey baby ur looking good" her ass was sqzuesed twight into her leather pants. "u 2 fucker" she said but then we heard an alarm go off on her phone and a roar outside!" "EKAJ.... AN ANGEL IS.... ATTACKING AGAIN!" i gasped and knew I had to fight another one. "AND EKAJ....  THIS TIMEYOU WILL BE FIGHTING IN UR NEW PERSONLAN EVA WITH REI BY YOUR SIDE!" 

So that was the first chapter! i basicaly covered the first 3 episodes i think.  please review  AND DO NOT FLAME! also stayed tuned for the next chapter! its going to pick up from this one then go all the way to when they met asuka on the boat and that angel apears!

Chapter 2: The Second Big Battle


chapter 2: the seocnd big battle

we all ran out of misaros apato  xcept 4 shinji who was cryin in his room being a stupid fucking cunt. misapo was running sexly in slow motion  down the stairs i saw her butt jiggle like mello.  i wanted to toss her salad so fucking badly but i kbew wed have ti figt first.  we jimped into her car nd drove off! were r we going i said and she said were going to REIS APARTMENT! i intantly got a big fat boner when it pooped up  it was so big it almost BROKE THE WINDSHEILD.  i culdnt wait to show rei how awesom i am and how much shini is a fucking cocksucking bitch. 

we got toi her apartment. "hey let me do it" said misato "no! ill go BY MYSELF BITCH!" i said to misato nd slammed the door. she startd 2 rub her cunt the moment i left.  "oh that ronan his muscles r so fiucking big! i cant wait to suck his dick! i bet hell fuck me like no man culd!" she thougt to herself as i ran up the stars  to ray.

"REI!!!! R U IN HERE REI!!!" i scremed pounding ont eh door but she wuldnt answer so i cicked it open.  "LISTEN U FUKING CUNT!!! WE NED TO FIGT THE FUKING ANGEL U BITCH NOW GET THE FUCK IUT HERE NOW FUCKING FUCK FUCK SHIT COCKASS!"  but she wasnt cumming. so i stared to destoy parts of her room  while looked arond it BUT THEN i saw some glasses they look like comandra ikaris glasses he was shinjis dad duh u know?  i rembered his evil laugh and wondred if gendou was fucking her he better not have becaus THEN HE IS A PEDO AND IT IS WRONG FOR OLDER MEN TO FUCK GIRLS!  they belong to us hot yung guys plus yeah duh it makes u a fucking pedo ok. BUT JUST THEN REI WALKED INTO THA ROOM! "wat did u do 2 my room" she said in quet sexy vowce.  "i destoyd it becaus u werent coming out" i said "ok" she said. holy shit she was competey naked holy fuciing shit! i culd see her tits her nippls were hard and her pussy lookd real tight. "is gnedo fucking u slut?" "what do u mean" "i mean is who DOING THIS" and i walked up to her and we tumbled to the grond.  "omg that feeling ive never felt it before...." i rubbed her tits and sucked on the," yes! yes! i love this! genods never done this im a virgin!" "WHAT!"  i scremed at her and hit the floor with my faust.  "lets fix dat baby!" i said and shoved my fist in2 her dripping wet cunt.  "ugh yes! do it jake yes!"  she scramed she was moaning in pleshure. i could feel hger servix  and so she scremed. "omg it feels so good but it herts too.... i want someting ELSE in there!" she said. so then i stood up and unzipped my pantz  when she saw my cock she gasped and screamed nd ran beind the bed she was so scared. "omg its so big i dont think i can take it!!" "oh yeah u will!"  i said nd we both giggled. so then she got back over ont he floor an lai down with her eyes closed and i rammed by big fat cock in there. "OOOOOOOOWWWWOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSSSH! " she scramed my cock wasnt even in there for a few minutes and she squerted like a supersoaker. i pulld out and she said "cum on my tits and face yes!" so i did i soaked her titties and face in my thick cremy cum. she then sucked  my cum off her tis and we finished and got dressed but she kept the cum on her face to show misato.  "oh wow jake im a competely different girl now!" "r u gonna hang out with sinji anymore" "FUCK NO!" she scremed happily and we went down to the car and got in the car and rei showed mayo her face. "oh wow hahaha i see what happned in there! u feel good rei?" "fuck yes i do! lets go fight!" and we drove off.

as we left tje apatment all of suden we saw THE ANGEL!!!! IT WAS A HUGE BLOCKY THING IT SEEMD KIND OF LIKE A REFRENCE TO THAT SHITTY MOVIE FROM THA 60S  THAT WAS REALLY FUCKING BORING  I THINK IT WAS DIRECTDED BY THAT GUY CUBICROCK  OR SOMETUING YEAH ANYWAY IT WAS making weird noisez. "wer gonna beat thayt shit the fuck up!" i scramed nd misato and rei rubbed my croitch at the same time.

when we got to nerv misato was all like "ok go down stairs and ull see ur eva that was made JUST 4 U!"  i was so fuciing happy i put on my badass unglasses and went down to my new eva.  "WOWWW HOLY SHIT!!!" i said it was so fucking awesome. it was amost comoletly black with a bit of gold plating on it and was super muslcegy.  i bet it gets all the girl evas  LOL! it had silver spikez on its shulder and arms and had red eyes that glowd goldish  when it was very angry. it had a red cape on it that helped it fly  and a paoir of sunglases 2  and then a giant sword and bigass badass machineguf.  i hppped onto my eva and blasted of. "GO EKAJ U FUCKING GO OK U WONDEROUSLY SEXY MAN YEAH!" screamed ristoku from her room meyer came up behind her and rubbed ritsies tis so her nipples got hard and stated to spray milk all over the glass. 

i was flying to tha figt when i saw reis eva it wasnt flyig it was wlaking so i picked her up and she flew with me. "thank u so much for taking me i cant do that becaus eim not awesome!"  "ur not awsome but u r sexy!" i said and i herad her giggle. her eva looked like her eva from the show except now it had big plates on it 2 look like tits and sexy replica pussy  plus eyelassshes and her feet now had high heels. THEN WE SAW THE ANGEL!!!

"EKAJ GO AND FIGHT IT ILL HOLD UR BACK!!!" so i ran to it and statrd to blast it but it wasnt getting hurt!! vut just then i heard misato on my speaker! "EKAH! UR BEING VERY SEXY AN DOIN A GR8 JIB!  BUT DO U C DOSE CORDS BY U???" she asked and ii looked. "yes i do y skank?" "CONNECT THOSE 2 UR GUN AND SHOOT THE ANGEL THAT WILL DEFET IT!!!" "OH WOW OK ILL DO IT!!" so i took the cords and put them in my gon and then SHOT IT AND IUT BLEW UP TO A BAZILLION PEICES!!! rei held my back as a ran and she got all the heat. her pod thingy was thrown out so i got out of my eva and ran to it and opened it and there she was all sweaty and naked rubbing her pussy because she jknew id come to save her.  "mmm hey ekaj thanks for cumming! oh! i think im gonna 2!" and she sprayed the whole inside of it with her pussy juice.  i carried her out of the thing and we met misato. "u guys did a fantasic job!! especialy u ekaj!!! ur the best eva pilot ever much bettr than that idiot shinji what a fucking dumbass loser!" she said and we all laughed BUT SHINJI WAS THEREW!  AND HE SCREAMED "NO NO NO! I THOT U WERE MY FREND MISATO NOOO!!" and he screamed and cried an ran off! as he was runing away he said "IM LEAVING NERV 4EVER!"  we all rolled r eyes. "oh well misato i guess i ull have to gio get gim back" i said. "ugh do i have to?" and we all laughed. "but yeah guess ill go get him brb"

misato drove to the tran station nd there shinji was with all his bagsu.  "shinji u need to come back ok we dont realy need u but ur dad would be kinda pissed tho not really but still u need to come ok u little shithead?"  "BUT EKAJ IS SO MEAN HES HORIBLE ITS LIKE HES WONDERFIL AND OPERFECT! HES GOT A HUGE COCK ND EVERYTING!" "HE IS FUCKING WONDRFUL AND PEFECT HES MORE MAN THAN ULL EVER B U FUCKING PUSSY CUNT! now come with me k?"  "y shuld i u guys hate me!" "yeah we do actualy but ok well were still gona need more pilots than three." "theres a third" ge asked. "yeah were gonna go meet her on a boat her names asuka shes sio fucking sexy shes got red hair and shes german but not a nazi."  "maybe shell like me!" he said, "probably not but u shuld come anyway OK NOW GET THE FUCK OVER HERE NOW UF CUKING COCKSUCKER!" she scremed but the train came and it looke like he was gonna get ion vut he didnt so he came with her. "thats better now u kno ur place uf fucking losernerd cuntface." "yeah i guess" and he cried as they went to their car lol what fucking fag. 

the next day

the next day we were all getting on a big badas helicotper with spikes and shit  we were all holdin r bags and shit and shini was at the back of the line STILL CRYING BECAUYSE HES A FUCKING CUNT! anywa we rode on the helicoptr to a big militray boat and then we landed on the boats helicpter landing area place thing. 

we walked on2 the boat and this girl walked out with long red whore  and a dress on. she walked up and said "what do u bulborus  idiots fucking want who are you?" "im ekaj and this is toji sasuke and then that oser over there cryin is shinji the unot 100s pilot" "OMG!!!!! UR EKAJ???? NO FUKING WAU!! I LOVE U AND EVERYTING U DO UR AWESOME!! not shinji tho haha u suck shinji go cry in a corner or some shit fucker" she screamed at him  then she rubbed my pants "dammmmmmm son! u gots urself a big ole dick!" she said smiling "wait ur german right so youre not a nazi right right?" i asked and she said "no im one of the few germans WHO ISNT"  "oh wow thats awesome. now suck on my cock slut." and she unzipped my pants and pulled out my huge cock. "SO FUCKING BIG! GUDENMORGEN!"  she stuck the cock in hjer mouth and slobbed all over it toji watched "you go ekaj!!" kensuki cheered too. shinji didnt say anything though because hes fucking stupid.  she could almost not handle my cock it was so huge my balls slappd her chin then i held her head tightly as a came "IM CUMMING!" i screamed and misato was watching from the window "hes so hot" she said she had her hans down her tit leathar pants nd was rubbin her clut aganst her fingore like it was firewood.  then i cummed in asukas throat so much she almost choked but didnt so it was fine. i pulled my cock out of her mouth. my cock was still dripping cum and sperm was drooling from her mouith. i looked at shinji. "god your so fucking weak shinji. i bet your jealous huh? jealous of   A BIG FAT COCK LIKE MINE AND THAT I GET TO FUCK AND YOU DONT BECAUSE YOUR A STUPID VIRGIN LOSER?!" "BAWWWWWW!" shinji cried and ran off. asuka laughed and toji smiled but kensuke said "dont you think youre being mean?"  "SHUT THE UP!" i yeled and punched him so hard he got knocked out. me toji and sakura  walked away chickling.

were were all at the cafeteria on the boat eating sexy food  when we herd a roar! "OH SHITSNACKS!" said mistao! "its an ANGEL! scremed asuka!  i held all three of the girls they were scared "WELL FIGHT THIS ONE TOGETHER ASUKA!" "yes sir!" she said and we ran to our suit place we had to fight the next angel!

END OF CHATPER 2!!! great chapter huh?  its gonna get even better  and im gonna fix all the shity things about the show I PROMISE! this is gonna be the best eva fic ever much better than the shit show and movie!!

Chapter 3: Ekaj and Asuka

ok so just to respond to the flamers: fuick off u assshitters. u might think my fic sucks but the fans kno its fuckong awesome!  eva is what sucks not me!  oh and FUCK U MOIDERHA 4 DOIN A DRAMATIC REDIN OF SOME OF THE FIRS CHAPTER I THOT I GOT RID OF U FUCKR!!!  GTFO@

chapter 3:  ekaj and asuka

the angel ROARED! 'we unt have to go ein fight it u sexc motherfucka!" said asuka to me "oh we will u sexy german bitch huh i once new a sexy germa slut" (lmao do u guys get it?!?!)  "was she as hot ein me?" asuka asked "naw! she was sum bumass  extian cunt!" and we laffed 2gether as suited up. i got into my tight sexy red and black suit with sliver on it that showd off my musckes  and asuka got into her red suit  that was super tigt and showd off her sexy ass and big tits. we both walked sexily 2 our evas  and got in them. asukas was big an red but had big metal tits  and a tgiht metal ass  + a big tight metal cunt that was drippin juice.  we both then broke out from tha boot  roaring and then jUMPED IN TGA WATER.

"COCKSICLES! THERE IN THE WATE RIGT NOW! RITUSKO ARE U CHECKING THA SYCH RATES????" asked mizoguchi.  "yes i am BITCH!" she said and slapped misaro! "wtf was that for u cunt!" "i saw the way u were lookin at kaji durin lunch HES MINE WHORE!" and they fell on2 the ground an started 2 fight sexily pullin their hair  but then somebody came in it was KAJI! "what r u 2 palankerish  skanks doin?" he asked an they both got up and cleaned there hire. "nothin sir its fine" and ristuko salpped misatos big sexxy butt and her ass jiggled for 5 minuts.   "well anyway u bitches, asuka and shinji are figtin the angel right now! " "WTF IS THAT GODDAMN SHIT FUCK!" screamed ritsuko who slammed her stilletos down so hard they got stock in the floor and the flor cracked  (her heels r made from real stileto knivs i tink stelotso r nives right)).   "now u 2 need to do ur fucking work goddit cunts?" "yes sir" they both said 2gether and he left. "well i guess well have to finsih this later SLUT" said ritsko. "i guess we will then WHORE." said misato "yeah well u better watch ur cunt, bitch" said ristko who walked out of tha room hottly.

"haha wow that was unt gr8 job ekaj!!" said asuka from he reva to mine.  "ur not too bad urself eaither sexy!" i said and i heard her giggle. i punched the angel again and it looked like it was dead.  we were goin back up to the waters sufrace BUT THEN THE ANGEL GRABBED ASUKEE!!! "HEELP!!! JAKE HEELP ME NOW PLEASE!!!" i heared her screamin her eva was ebing dragged down! "SASUKE!!!!  NO!!!!!!! i scremed because i lovwd her and wanted 2 fuck her. i whooped out my sword and dove down and stabbed it blood fikled tha water  and i ripped it open and ate its hart and then it was dead and i gravved asuka and we went back up and laned in the boats i got out of my capsle thing and went to hers. i opened it up there she was passed out. "asuka!!! asuka!!! r u ok u sexy whore??" and she woke up "oh yes oh thank u so much for saving me!!! ill always love u for this! wanna fuck?" i pulld out my cock  but then somebody showd up it was RISTKO ND SHE WAS ALL LIKE "WTF U DEBOCHERERS!!!" and she grabbd us by our ears and took us to kaji and misato. "i fuond them fuckin in asukas castle!!!"  i then scremed " we WERENT FUCKING U STOPPED US U BITCH!!!"  asuka was crying because she hadnt gotten 2 fuck me. "ritsuko u dumb shithead. these 2 were gonna fuck and u stopped them" said misato. "WELL OF COURSE!!" screamed ristoko. "risty ccalm the fuck down u idiot. sex 4 teens is good an natural let them have it"  said kaji but ristko screamed wildy and pulld out half her hair "NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!!!"  nd she jumped out teh window screaming.

later that day

during the day but later duing it we had come back to japan. misato was like "Well u guys have broken the sync rate record espally u ekaj   great fukin job!" we all smiled and i kissed and groped rei and asuka shinji was in a corner cryin like a bitch. "well as celbration were all going to those islands i cant rember the name of!!!"  we all scremed in happiuness BUT THEN! an alarm went off! we had an alert abt another angel!  escept this one wasnt attakcing. and then.... GENDO WALKED IN!! evil classicy music  was playing when he came in and  thunder struc outside. "hello all" he said and smiled evily. "what the fuck do u want" i said to him. "U EKAJ!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I WANT U!!!!!! to go pick up a dorment angel for me k?" "i dont want to help u fucker!"  "BUT U MUST!! OR ELSE!!!" "do as he says" said rei and misato nodded. "fine ill fuckin doin BUT I WONT LIKE IT!" and i went and suitd up and got into my unit.  as i was getin into ma eva i flippd gendo off lol he was so pissed loooooser. ritsko started 2 talk to me over the mic. "okay u fucker ekaj ur gonna need to go into MOUNT [note: look up tha name later i think it starts with an f or something]!!!!" i gasped sexily. she kept talking "theres an anglo in there and its loike a baby or some shit right now so u need to get it for us!" "ugh fine u old hag" "DONT U EVER CALL ME THAT OR I WILL FUCKING CUT U BITCH!"  she scroamed. i turned of teh miko so i didnt have to listen 2 her bs and then blastd off to get the angel.

i was flyin over toyko and all the girls were screamin and jizzin their pants with girl cum pussy juice was floodin tha streets.  "holy shit look at that sexy rokaj go!!  so fookin hoit!!" shooted a hot japonese girl. just then a big dick poppd from my eva and cummed all over the city  soakin the girls in cum they all loved it! but i had to keep flyin so i flue to the montana.  when i got to the mountan i punchd it open and went insid e into the lava  and looked arond and then i saw the angel! i went down and tried to pul it oop but just then ALERT LERT ALERTERT!! the mieko screamed in my eva1! "ekaj this is misako!! the angel isnt dorman anymore its AWAKE!!  she scramed scarefully because she didnt want me 2 die! i looked down and saw the angels EYES OPEN!!! AND THENTHE LAVA ANGEL SLIT INTO 2!!! i flew out of tha vockano and back to nerv.

when i got bak to nerv i got out of my eva. "holy shit wtf happened!!!"  i screamed and punche one of the guys who worked there so hard his head flew off  "oops sorry" i said but misato came up to me and said "haha its ok ur sexy so its fine!" . rei and asuka came in and cleaned up the mess 4 me. "anyway ekaj ur gonna have to work with asuka on this one agan!! reis to weak from the last battle and how hard u fucked her lol! anyway get into ur evas again i have he plan right here" and we red over the plan realy quick and then  jumped into our bots and flew to where the angel was.

"ok on the count of threE" me and asuka charged it when i said 3 and we ran at it and tried to hit it but it blocked us! we tried agin but it blocked us again!!! "Stop jelping me asuka ur the one whos making us lose"  "WTF U MOTHERFUCKR!!! but ok" and she sat down but was realy bitchy about it and was bitching to me over the mike. "ASUKA STFU I NEED TO CUNTCENTRATE (GEDIT LMAO)"  "stupid bake dumbass ekaj tho ur real hot but grrr" she said so then i kicked her eva so she'd shut up and was knicked up. "NO!! ALASKA!!!" i yelled "THIS IS ALL UR FAULT ANGELT!!!" so i charged it and this time it cyuldnt block me and then i picked it up and ripped it in half and blood poured evryere it was done so then i went and woke up asuka she was fine.

"We won ekaj!!!" asukas eva hugged mine and then her eva grabbed my evas big cock.  "holy shit wow ur evas almost as hung as u XD!"  and then her eva got down on its knees and put its cock in my mouth.  when she was suckin it my evas eyes started to glow red and i realized it was goin into a new mode.... SEXERKER MODE!!!!  "RAGHHHHHHHHH!!" my eva screamed as it fuckd her evas face we were rolling arond the city destroyin shit  while are evas fucked. i slammed her head on the top of a building so hard the ulding was crushd on the top "yeah fuck my eva ass!"  i heard her say and a shoved the eva cock in her eva butt and fuckd her so fuciin hard. my thrustz were so powrful they moved us forwad each time and eah tim we went up we smashd buildins in front of us and sqwashed ppl.  i then pulld my dick out and swung it arond and destoryed buldings with it then titty fuckd her evas tits then finally we bothed caume at the same time her pussy juice and my sperm mixed to make a cum sunami it was fuckin awesome. we both got up and walked back to nerv tho i did slap asukas eva ass when she got up the metal on it jiggled but anyway we ewalked back to nerv.

wheb we got back to nerv we went into the moniter room thing place  whatever its called and everybody was there clappin at our awesomness tho mostly mine. "Well u guys did a great job and that was one hot fuck i totally rubbed my cunt to it!" said misato who had no pants on becaus she had been mastorbating  her pants were on the floor and they coletely soaked in her juice and her panties were too. "naway lets all go home" and we all went back to misatos apartnent.

at misatos apartment evrybody was drinkin beer excet shinji because hes a fucking strait edge loser cuntface.  i had made everybody a gormay meal  and evrybody was like "oh shit it tastes so good my cunts already leakin!"  and i culd tell the floor had pussy jiice staines on it now (bc japanesee ppl eat on the floor duh).  but justin misato got a call. "oops let me get that she said" so she bent over to get the phone that was on the floor her ass looked great i could c her hole thru her c thru panties i kickd her ass nd stuck my big toe in her hole and wiggled it around 2 c her but jiggle as she talked on the phone.  "yes yes ok yes OH SHIT!!!!" and then she hung up. AND THEN WE HERD A ROAR!!! "EKAJ REI ASUKA!!! AN AGELS ATACKING... AND ALL OF U R GONNA HAVE TO FIGHT 2GETHER TO STOP IT!!" we all gasped at what she said and girls clung gto me "oh ekaj can we do it?"  said rei and i said "as long is im here fuck yes!" and we ran out to go to nerv to get in2 our evas!

Chapter 4: IDK Yet

chapter 4
well guys im so sorry i havent updated in awhile but u kno why from my jornals  all i have to say is FUCK OFF FUCKING FLAMRS FUCK FUCK SHITTING FUCKASS! 

this chapter might be short than usual  not sure sorry. but ive decided i wabt the fic to be over before labor day wekdnd!!! k? because i want to post the first part o my furpruse on labrador weekend!!!

also u guys know how b4 i did try to make my spellin bettr welL FUCK THAT!!! im sick of grammr nazis im gon REBEL! FUCK SPELIN IM WRITING THE RIGHT WAY. MY WAY!

CHAPTER 4: idk yet

me ekaj and asuka  ran all the way back to nerv. the girls butts tits and cunts swayed  as they ran and hit people in their faces some ppl got knocked over and broke their scully  anyway when we got to nerv i scremed at evrybody there "ALRIGHT U NETHERFUCKERS! ME REI AND ASUKA NEED TO GET IN OUR EVAS AND HAVE A THRESOME TO FIGHT THE NEW ANGEL NOPW HELP IS GET IN OKKKKK??!?!?!"  i scrmed so loud mayas hair was blow back into a new sytle  anyway ristuko walked in and ws all like "WELLL OK THEN SHITHEAD! WELL DO THAT BUT U GUYS NEED TO BEHAVE WHEN U FIGHT OR FUCKIN ELSE!!" she grabbd maya by her ass and they walkd off. we were gettin ready to go down the evas but then THE POWER WENT OFF!!!! i knew it was seele the momnt it happend and that gendo was in at it speaking of gendo i heard his evil laugh echoeing through nerv.  since it was competely dakr inside we had to try to find where to get to the evas  we went into the vents and cralled through.  "ekaj im really scared!!" said rei and asuka was like "well im not scared bjut fuck we nee dto get to the vas!!!" "yeah ur right baby and rei stfu i luv u though!" we cralled through the vents but ended up nowhere. thats when i decied to use my power of telephony  to find out where the evas where and it worked i found them so the girls just followed my dirction and we found the suit it place!!! "oh wow ekaj ur so great!!!" said rei "awesome fucking job ekaj fuck all the haters!" she said and i kissed them both stickin my tongue so far down their throats  it hit their heart.   the evas had already been set up so we all suited up. "damn u girls look fineeeee!" i said as they got int2 their suits holy cocksnickers  they looked hot! i slappd rei and asukas asses and they went into ther evas and i suited up an got naked  my dick was so huge it almost cuildnt fit into the sit  but iut did so i was fine. i ran to my eva and got into it. it was super angry and read tof ight its eyes glowd red and it spikes shined in the light and made a sharp sound like blade or something u know how they do that in some anime yeah? that. anywa we all baltes off as gendou watched his glasss shined evily and the shining was nearly as cool s my spikes. he then smled and cackled as evil calsiccal music played behind him. "I WILL HAVE U SOON EKAJ AHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! AND UR LITTL SLUTS TOO!!!!" 

as we flew thrugh the fight we saw the angel inthe sky. it was spitin acid at nerv headquarts it wanted to get inside for som stupid bullshit hack reson  i guess anywa it also was gonna commakazi tokyo i3 at leas tthats what misato told ius over the radio. we had to save tokyo 3 and nerv so we flew to the angel and started to munch on it.  "fuck u angel fuck u!!!" i said but it knockd all of us back!!! we kept tryin to fight it but we kept failin. "ALL U 3 NEED TO REALY WORK HARD TOGETHER!!!!"  screamed misaot. "I KNOW BITCH STUF!!!" i screamed.

ritsumo was in her glass room thingy watchin our fight with maya. "ugh seein that sexy fucker ekaj fight gets me all HOT!" she yelled at maya. "want to fuck?" maya asked. "you bet i do" said ritsko "just dont let kaji know!  heehee!" they both gigled and then they took off their clothes. ritsuko took one of her boobs and shuved it into mayas but and fucked maya in the ass with her tit.  "THAT'S RIGHT! YOUR GUNNA TAKE IT LIKE AN ANIMAL!  RAWR!" roared ritsugo at maya. "uuuuuughhhh OHHHHH YES!"  maya poaned in mleasure. maya began to cum and the cum soaked the desk they were fuckin on so now it was risotukos turn to get fucked so maya broke a leg of the desk they wer on  and shoved into ritskos butt and fucked her with it  while she fitsted ritsuko in the cunt with her fist that had a pencil in it.  ritsuko orgasmed so loudlu her voice broke all the windows in nerv and casued a few ppls heads to explode but anyway the both finished and gpot back to watching our fight.

we all kept chargen at rhe angl but it cept gettin closer to nerv so we raced to nerv. misato was over the radio sayin "u guys need to stop it from gettin to central dorgma!!!! mike a pile of urself and keep of the acid while we give u a gun!!!"  so we rushd to this big hole thing  whete the evas are brught up. i got on bottom and asuka and rei got on top as the angel kept gettin closer and droold acid on us. "fuck u angel i yelld!!!" and then misato came on the radio sayin "the gun well be there n a few minutes" "WE DON HAVE A FEW MINUTS WE NEED IT NOW U FUCKIN WHORE!!!!" "ugh" she said nd hung up. "DONT U DARE HANG UP ON ME BICH!"  i scremed. "rei u need to go get the gun its takin forveer to get up here!" and so rei got down and flew down to get the gun. "agh the acid it hurts!" said asuka "stop complainin bitch ill save ur ass soon.  where the fuck is that cunt rei?" i asked but finaly rei came up! she HAD THE GUN! i took an then blastd the angel up woondin it badly. ma dn rei zoomed up with asuka had to go and heal the wimp. rei then put a switch on and i rrpped open the angls "at feld" or whatevr and rei then had huge hot boobmilk lazers  come from her eva tits.  the angel was blasted and balsted again it then fell over   so i ran and we both used r at fioelds to rip open its at felds and then she took a knife an i took a gun and she stabbd it and i shot it and it DIED. "YES WE WON!!!" i screamd. "gr8 job ekaj! hey look asukas cummin up!" said misato over the voice introcom thingy. asuk was lookin a bit less burtn and then she said over her mic "u know what time it is ekaj?" "what"  "3SOME TIME!" and we all pounced on eachoter. we rolled around on the city fuckin each other and acidentaly squished a few ppl tho most of them ahd been evquated so it was OK. anyway so me and rei stood up and she got on 1 side of a skycrater and i got ion the other then i shoved my eva cock thru the windos of it  where her but was on the other side so i fuckd her throu the buldin it was kind of like a giant gloryhol lol.  my huge eva dick dsestoryed the offic inside and a few socrates who were inside watchd and rubbed their pussies  to it while office stuf flew around. i ended up cummin so much that cum was oozin out of the 69th (lol) floor  which is where i fucked jher  and the cum jet was so big it blasted her off like a crocket and she flew off and landed on the oter side of the sity. my eva then got anoter boner and i knew it was time to fuck azula. 

"CUM OUT CUM OUT WHERVER U R! LLOL!" asuka was hdiing behind a buildin and then she came out "right here! cum and get me!" and so i stood aup and flew straight at her so fast my cock went right into her eva moth. she went down on2 the grond and i slammed i face fuckd her with the bac of her hood destoryin the street below.  the rei cum up beneth me and started to have her eva lick asukas evas pussy. then rei shoved her eva hed into asukas eva pussy and asuka cummd so much from the feelin the cum replacd the lcl in her tank thingy. finaly we all fell back and asukas and reis evas kissed each oter while i slappd their eva heads with my eva cock.  we were done. "holy shit! u guys done? that was so hot i poopd my pants!" said mksato. "damn bitch yeah it was hot but yeah were done were comin back to nerv." "ok c u here in a few!" rei an asukas evas had a hard time walkin lol.

when we got back to nerv seele and gendo were in there rooms. "damit the angls must rexch central dogma!!!"  scramed one of the seele guys. so gendo was lile "it will soon they will soon we must only weight AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

"WELL U GUYS DID A GR8 JOB EVEN IF UR A BUNCH OF LITLE SNOTNOZED BRATS!" said ristko. "stfu ritsko!" and mistao SLAPPED her and irsko gapsed but they didnt fight. "ANYWAY I need all of U TO STAY HERE OVER FUKIN NIGHT GOTTIT CUNTS??? u got a sync test tomorr!" "ugh but were so tired!"  said rei "no suck it up like u do my cock hahaha. yes ill be here." i said. "well if ekaj is gonna b here then so will  i!" said asuka." "ok fine me to" said rei so we decded to stay and then went to go to slep.

when we woke up we went to a sexy showr room an all got naked. my dick was hangin down to feet an the girls just stard all hot i pracitaly took a shower in their pussy jice! anywa wen we were dun we got suited up and shit an into our evs. "ALRIGHT FUCKRS U READY FOR UR sync test k plz?" said iritoko. "yes u old bitch" i said "DO NOT. CALL ME. OLD!!!!" and she cremd and slammd the panel so hard with her fist tha room shook. as we were all getin sync EVRYTHING WENT BLAC!!!! IT WAS ANOTER ANGLE!!! "godamit only oen day later an thers anoter!!!"  i scremd. "NOOOOOO!!!!!ITS HAKCIN THE COMUPTRS NOT MY BABIS!!!!!" scremed ritsuko her ters were spewin from hr eyes like firehose. "wat is the antel" i asked and ristko inaswrred bitchily "well u little fuckface its this little virus tings and theyre gonna take ovr the comps and MAKE THE BAS SELD SESTRUCT!" e all gaspd. "well irtsko ur in luck. when i wentb to college i lruned tons abt computers im an exprt! hook me up and ill save is." "i dont kno...." "DO IT NOW BITCH!" i scremd and she did even thos he didnt want to. all fo  suden the scren in my eva showd the virus an a map of nerv so i tlepahticaly hookd myself to it and with my mind said. "FUCK U VIRUS GTFO!!!!"  and i saw the mini virtuel at field so i put my mental hands together an ripped it apart WE WERE ALL SAVED!!! everything went back to norml the ligts whent on and ristko cheered! "WELL i still hate u becus ur an idiot but thanks for that" "dont eepxvt it again u prude bitch." i said. we got out of our evas and went to the panel room we thought it was time to go home.

but evn aftr we defeated the angl ristko was like "OK LISTN U MAGGOTS! WE NED TO C IF EVAS CAN WORK WIT DIFERENT PILOTS IN THEM RIGHT?? SO EKAH GET IN ASUKAS AN.... OH GODAMIT SHINI UR GONA GAVE TO B IN REIS!" shini cryed and wept but got into hers waitin for the test. i di gr8 in asukas as asuka watch in the controk room rubbin her pussy. "1000 PERCNT!" yelld ristko and put a finger in the air wagglin it. it glowd gold. so ten it was shinis turn in reis eva and he got in but then the eva went WRONG! it strated yellin and screamin and it bashed at the wall sand widows  and then it slammd through the windo and tried to grab rei and ristko so i raushed up there and use my strength the push the arm bak and resuc the girls. ristipo pulld a ldver and it deactived he eva. "GODAMMIT SHINJI! THIS IS ALL UR FUCKIN FAULT U LITTLE PUSSYWIMPBITCH!" scremed me to him as i pointd acuslingy.  rei and asuka gigled behind me but risoaku said "BE QUIET U LITTLE SHITS!" so i flipped her of and i put my arms around asuka an rei and we walkd off. "REI WAIT" said ristko "what is it u bitch" rei asked. "gendo needs u to do sometin" "ok fine" she said so rei stayed while me and asuka went back home.

later that night me an asuka were fuckin in the kitchen an i shoved a toaster into her vagina. while we were doin that rei was in her eva and carrin sometin into cerntal dogma where there we these tubes but u culdnt tell what was in them an there was a shadow of a huge creature but u culdnt c what.... but rei was carryin.... THE LANCE OF LONGIUS!