Chapter 3: Ekaj and Asuka

ok so just to respond to the flamers: fuick off u assshitters. u might think my fic sucks but the fans kno its fuckong awesome!  eva is what sucks not me!  oh and FUCK U MOIDERHA 4 DOIN A DRAMATIC REDIN OF SOME OF THE FIRS CHAPTER I THOT I GOT RID OF U FUCKR!!!  GTFO@

chapter 3:  ekaj and asuka

the angel ROARED! 'we unt have to go ein fight it u sexc motherfucka!" said asuka to me "oh we will u sexy german bitch huh i once new a sexy germa slut" (lmao do u guys get it?!?!)  "was she as hot ein me?" asuka asked "naw! she was sum bumass  extian cunt!" and we laffed 2gether as suited up. i got into my tight sexy red and black suit with sliver on it that showd off my musckes  and asuka got into her red suit  that was super tigt and showd off her sexy ass and big tits. we both walked sexily 2 our evas  and got in them. asukas was big an red but had big metal tits  and a tgiht metal ass  + a big tight metal cunt that was drippin juice.  we both then broke out from tha boot  roaring and then jUMPED IN TGA WATER.

"COCKSICLES! THERE IN THE WATE RIGT NOW! RITUSKO ARE U CHECKING THA SYCH RATES????" asked mizoguchi.  "yes i am BITCH!" she said and slapped misaro! "wtf was that for u cunt!" "i saw the way u were lookin at kaji durin lunch HES MINE WHORE!" and they fell on2 the ground an started 2 fight sexily pullin their hair  but then somebody came in it was KAJI! "what r u 2 palankerish  skanks doin?" he asked an they both got up and cleaned there hire. "nothin sir its fine" and ristuko salpped misatos big sexxy butt and her ass jiggled for 5 minuts.   "well anyway u bitches, asuka and shinji are figtin the angel right now! " "WTF IS THAT GODDAMN SHIT FUCK!" screamed ritsuko who slammed her stilletos down so hard they got stock in the floor and the flor cracked  (her heels r made from real stileto knivs i tink stelotso r nives right)).   "now u 2 need to do ur fucking work goddit cunts?" "yes sir" they both said 2gether and he left. "well i guess well have to finsih this later SLUT" said ritsko. "i guess we will then WHORE." said misato "yeah well u better watch ur cunt, bitch" said ristko who walked out of tha room hottly.

"haha wow that was unt gr8 job ekaj!!" said asuka from he reva to mine.  "ur not too bad urself eaither sexy!" i said and i heard her giggle. i punched the angel again and it looked like it was dead.  we were goin back up to the waters sufrace BUT THEN THE ANGEL GRABBED ASUKEE!!! "HEELP!!! JAKE HEELP ME NOW PLEASE!!!" i heared her screamin her eva was ebing dragged down! "SASUKE!!!!  NO!!!!!!! i scremed because i lovwd her and wanted 2 fuck her. i whooped out my sword and dove down and stabbed it blood fikled tha water  and i ripped it open and ate its hart and then it was dead and i gravved asuka and we went back up and laned in the boats i got out of my capsle thing and went to hers. i opened it up there she was passed out. "asuka!!! asuka!!! r u ok u sexy whore??" and she woke up "oh yes oh thank u so much for saving me!!! ill always love u for this! wanna fuck?" i pulld out my cock  but then somebody showd up it was RISTKO ND SHE WAS ALL LIKE "WTF U DEBOCHERERS!!!" and she grabbd us by our ears and took us to kaji and misato. "i fuond them fuckin in asukas castle!!!"  i then scremed " we WERENT FUCKING U STOPPED US U BITCH!!!"  asuka was crying because she hadnt gotten 2 fuck me. "ritsuko u dumb shithead. these 2 were gonna fuck and u stopped them" said misato. "WELL OF COURSE!!" screamed ristoko. "risty ccalm the fuck down u idiot. sex 4 teens is good an natural let them have it"  said kaji but ristko screamed wildy and pulld out half her hair "NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!!!"  nd she jumped out teh window screaming.

later that day

during the day but later duing it we had come back to japan. misato was like "Well u guys have broken the sync rate record espally u ekaj   great fukin job!" we all smiled and i kissed and groped rei and asuka shinji was in a corner cryin like a bitch. "well as celbration were all going to those islands i cant rember the name of!!!"  we all scremed in happiuness BUT THEN! an alarm went off! we had an alert abt another angel!  escept this one wasnt attakcing. and then.... GENDO WALKED IN!! evil classicy music  was playing when he came in and  thunder struc outside. "hello all" he said and smiled evily. "what the fuck do u want" i said to him. "U EKAJ!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I WANT U!!!!!! to go pick up a dorment angel for me k?" "i dont want to help u fucker!"  "BUT U MUST!! OR ELSE!!!" "do as he says" said rei and misato nodded. "fine ill fuckin doin BUT I WONT LIKE IT!" and i went and suitd up and got into my unit.  as i was getin into ma eva i flippd gendo off lol he was so pissed loooooser. ritsko started 2 talk to me over the mic. "okay u fucker ekaj ur gonna need to go into MOUNT [note: look up tha name later i think it starts with an f or something]!!!!" i gasped sexily. she kept talking "theres an anglo in there and its loike a baby or some shit right now so u need to get it for us!" "ugh fine u old hag" "DONT U EVER CALL ME THAT OR I WILL FUCKING CUT U BITCH!"  she scroamed. i turned of teh miko so i didnt have to listen 2 her bs and then blastd off to get the angel.

i was flyin over toyko and all the girls were screamin and jizzin their pants with girl cum pussy juice was floodin tha streets.  "holy shit look at that sexy rokaj go!!  so fookin hoit!!" shooted a hot japonese girl. just then a big dick poppd from my eva and cummed all over the city  soakin the girls in cum they all loved it! but i had to keep flyin so i flue to the montana.  when i got to the mountan i punchd it open and went insid e into the lava  and looked arond and then i saw the angel! i went down and tried to pul it oop but just then ALERT LERT ALERTERT!! the mieko screamed in my eva1! "ekaj this is misako!! the angel isnt dorman anymore its AWAKE!!  she scramed scarefully because she didnt want me 2 die! i looked down and saw the angels EYES OPEN!!! AND THENTHE LAVA ANGEL SLIT INTO 2!!! i flew out of tha vockano and back to nerv.

when i got bak to nerv i got out of my eva. "holy shit wtf happened!!!"  i screamed and punche one of the guys who worked there so hard his head flew off  "oops sorry" i said but misato came up to me and said "haha its ok ur sexy so its fine!" . rei and asuka came in and cleaned up the mess 4 me. "anyway ekaj ur gonna have to work with asuka on this one agan!! reis to weak from the last battle and how hard u fucked her lol! anyway get into ur evas again i have he plan right here" and we red over the plan realy quick and then  jumped into our bots and flew to where the angel was.

"ok on the count of threE" me and asuka charged it when i said 3 and we ran at it and tried to hit it but it blocked us! we tried agin but it blocked us again!!! "Stop jelping me asuka ur the one whos making us lose"  "WTF U MOTHERFUCKR!!! but ok" and she sat down but was realy bitchy about it and was bitching to me over the mike. "ASUKA STFU I NEED TO CUNTCENTRATE (GEDIT LMAO)"  "stupid bake dumbass ekaj tho ur real hot but grrr" she said so then i kicked her eva so she'd shut up and was knicked up. "NO!! ALASKA!!!" i yelled "THIS IS ALL UR FAULT ANGELT!!!" so i charged it and this time it cyuldnt block me and then i picked it up and ripped it in half and blood poured evryere it was done so then i went and woke up asuka she was fine.

"We won ekaj!!!" asukas eva hugged mine and then her eva grabbed my evas big cock.  "holy shit wow ur evas almost as hung as u XD!"  and then her eva got down on its knees and put its cock in my mouth.  when she was suckin it my evas eyes started to glow red and i realized it was goin into a new mode.... SEXERKER MODE!!!!  "RAGHHHHHHHHH!!" my eva screamed as it fuckd her evas face we were rolling arond the city destroyin shit  while are evas fucked. i slammed her head on the top of a building so hard the ulding was crushd on the top "yeah fuck my eva ass!"  i heard her say and a shoved the eva cock in her eva butt and fuckd her so fuciin hard. my thrustz were so powrful they moved us forwad each time and eah tim we went up we smashd buildins in front of us and sqwashed ppl.  i then pulld my dick out and swung it arond and destoryed buldings with it then titty fuckd her evas tits then finally we bothed caume at the same time her pussy juice and my sperm mixed to make a cum sunami it was fuckin awesome. we both got up and walked back to nerv tho i did slap asukas eva ass when she got up the metal on it jiggled but anyway we ewalked back to nerv.

wheb we got back to nerv we went into the moniter room thing place  whatever its called and everybody was there clappin at our awesomness tho mostly mine. "Well u guys did a great job and that was one hot fuck i totally rubbed my cunt to it!" said misato who had no pants on becaus she had been mastorbating  her pants were on the floor and they coletely soaked in her juice and her panties were too. "naway lets all go home" and we all went back to misatos apartnent.

at misatos apartment evrybody was drinkin beer excet shinji because hes a fucking strait edge loser cuntface.  i had made everybody a gormay meal  and evrybody was like "oh shit it tastes so good my cunts already leakin!"  and i culd tell the floor had pussy jiice staines on it now (bc japanesee ppl eat on the floor duh).  but justin misato got a call. "oops let me get that she said" so she bent over to get the phone that was on the floor her ass looked great i could c her hole thru her c thru panties i kickd her ass nd stuck my big toe in her hole and wiggled it around 2 c her but jiggle as she talked on the phone.  "yes yes ok yes OH SHIT!!!!" and then she hung up. AND THEN WE HERD A ROAR!!! "EKAJ REI ASUKA!!! AN AGELS ATACKING... AND ALL OF U R GONNA HAVE TO FIGHT 2GETHER TO STOP IT!!" we all gasped at what she said and girls clung gto me "oh ekaj can we do it?"  said rei and i said "as long is im here fuck yes!" and we ran out to go to nerv to get in2 our evas!

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