What Could've Been

THIS WAS the stuff i rote 4 NCE a long time ago just fond it akin!!! still pretty grate!!!!  none of its done its just chinks.  btw i'll never finis this  done with it got other stuff to do!


but ten i sensd someting evil somehing rong///  al of a suden i herd a voice anf this guy wit silvr hair prancd in like a pansi an he was al like "helooooo boyyyyyssssssssssss!!!!!"  an he slappd shinki and my asses .......... IT WAS KAWARU!!!!!

who da fun are u? i asked him "lol me? im just a lil angl!!!" (LMAO U GUYS GEDIT RIGHT XD 1 OF MAH BST HOKES!!).  he was given ov a reag weird vibe i tikn he was fag
and ten he said 2 me "oh wow ekaj u look FABYLUS!!!!!!  not as god as shinji but stil! dayummm girfrend!"  "DUDE R U GAY"  "mhmmmm!" he noded his hed an snapd his fingrs in a z shape. "OK Wel i am tolerant but dont hit on me and i don tinkg i like u so gtfo"  "awwwww com on boy dont b shy lol!" (ok C U FUCKRS I CAN RITE GAY GUYS IF WANT)  an i said water so i left.

later i walked in2 shinis bedroom and he and wakaru WERE MAKIN OUT!!!!  "OH EW GROSS EW EWWW!!!!!!"  AND I WENT BLIND.  kaworu stated to laug "lol feel dis hunky!!!" "Feel way WAIT ITS GONNA B UR DICK ISNT IT PERVET!!!"  and i pchend hom  and run off.

-- (this is later stuff fuckrs) ---

"o btw im an angel"  and he PUNCHD ME AND BLE ME WIT HIS PWRS!!!!!

"U FUCKIN SHITLICKR!!!"  i got my eva remote out an cold it an it slamd tbru the walls so i hoped it on. "UR GONNA REGRT THAT" "NO MAUAHAHHA AI WILL DESTROY WORLD  AND MAKE EVRY GUY GAY AN SUCK ME AN SNINJI!!!"  "WTF THATS SO GROS U CANT CHANG PPL SEXULITY YOU CANT MAKE GUYS WHO LUV PUSSY STOP LUVIN IT U WEIRDO!!  BTW TATS FINE UR GAY I SUPORT UR MARIAGE AND SHIT BUT DONT DHOV IT DOWN MY THROAT"  "lol i can shove lots of thing down ur throat beefcake!!!"  "THATS FUCKIN IT!!!!"  so i PICKD HIM OP UFF THE GROND! shiny tarried to cry like a lotie  bitch

shini lookd at him as i held him by da neck an he was bleedin shinji statd cryin "no plz dont kil him HES MY BOFREND NOW!!!!! HES THA ONLU 1 WHO LUVS ME HERE!!!!"  an laffd and broke karus neck  and karu was like "its i don want tha wlrd destoyd  then dat wuld men music like lady gag an madona wuld be gon! aghh im dyin " an i said "WTF HOW DAR U LIKE DAT POP SHIT U GAYFAG!!!"  and so i kickd him in da face and thre him out tha windo an he died becus he fel onto a spike an was impald.   shji ran ovr 2 tha windo cryin "NO NO NO!!!! Y DID U DO THAT U MONSTR HE WAS MY FREND I LUVD HIM Y!!!"  an i slappd him "STFU U FUKING BITCH OR ILL THRO U DOWN TERE 2!"  but ten he sad "NO U STFU!!!!" and then he hit me!  "SHINI UR DED MEAT!!!! JST LIKE U BOYFRIEND KARUS MEAT LOL!!!!" an he was like "dats not funy!"  an i said "yes it is u jst dont kno good humor FLAMR!!!"  an then he said "WEL U KNO WAT I CANT HANDL DIS ANYMOR I DON KNO WAT ID DO IF MOR OD TIS SHIT HAPENS I CULD EVN END THA WORLD!!"  an te i laffs at him "XD U? THA WEK PUSY CUNT? LIKE U HAVE THE POWR!!!" an then he said "O YEAH WELL WELL C ABT THAT!!!" an ten he ran off.

late da nigt shinki was cryin in his bedroom but ten he sad 2 himself "ILL SHOW GTHAT RONAN  WHO DOS HE TINK HE IS"  an ten he put on black eye an lip makeup and a black cape wit a blak shirt an blak jesn and a stud belt and became evil!  he began 2 laugh faggily  as it rain and thundrd an litened outside "AHAHAHAHHA!!! MYUAHGAHAHA!!!! YES I NOW HAVE POWR U WILL B DESTOYD EKAJ AN SO WILL DA WORLD AHAHAHAHHA!!!!"


-- stuff from the last captr--

it da day avtr shinji had turnd EVIL an he walkd in2 nerv an was like "MISATO I AM SAD!" n she was like "y u litle bitch wat is now this time"  an shini said "ITS BEUCS KARU IS DED I LUVD HIM WE EVN MAD OUT!" an she wa slike "ew gros but watvr. go cut urslf emo oy!"  and she laffd in his face an shinki walkd off sad an so he went don stars 2 c asuka he wen 2 her hopital rom she was recovurin from da gr8 sex she had wif me.   an he trid 2 get her 2 wake up  but she didnt an so he shook her an her huge tits flew out of her  hittin him in da face. "oh asuka i like u a lot 2 evn tho im not bi sinc biseuxl guys dont exit  but oh god uhhhhh" an he mastubd on 2 her! WHAT A PERVRT HUH U GUYS EKAJ IS MUCH BETTR HE MASTUBRD ON HER CUZ HE CULDNT EVN GET SEX WIT AN IS A VIRGIN XD WAT A LOSR!!!!  so ten he was like "RAGHHHH ASUKA AN REI Y CANT I HAV U  Y DOES EKAJ HAV 2 BE LIKE DIS GRRR!!!!!!!"  and then BANG GUNSHOTS AND SHIT OH SNAP!!!! ALAARMS WERE GOIN OFF AN AN ANOUNCMENT ON DA SPEAKRS CAME ON IT WAS MISTAO AN SHE SAID "THA ARMI IS ATACKIN WE HAV 2 GTFO!!!"

-- the FINAL---E

"SHINKI DIS IT IT DIS IS DA END U WENT 2 FAR!!!"  ""NO EKAJ U RUIND IT  EVRYTING WAS GONA BE BETTR WIT THIS WORLD OVR!!!!!"  "SHUT UP U EMOCUNT BOY! WIT ME STOPIN INSTUMENTLITY  NOW THA WORLD WILL BE BETTR!" and ten asuka rei an mistao all come from out of da ocean of stuff that i forget wat its calld an we re like "its right shinji were all atiests now  an have evn biggr tits  an r evn sexier an now wer all bi girls."  an i alffed at him "HAHHAHA!!! BECUS I LINKD MY MIND 2 IT NO GUYS R CUMIN BACK JUST SEXI GIRLS WHO R L BI ATIEST GIRLS NOW!  NOW THER WIL BE NO MOR WAR AT ALL AN ILL BE THA KING OF IT  ALL AL GIRL WIL WANT T2 HAV SEX WIT ME ITS A UOPIA!!!" "NO NOOOOOO!!!! THIS IS RONG AN HORIBLE Y WULD U DO TIS?????  THIS IS EVN WORS THA I T WAS B5!!!!  REI I LUVD U!!!" "OH FUCK DIS HIT GODAIT WILL U EVR STOPP WININ!!!" an so i pulld out a knife and stabbd him  spillin his guts  and he fell down in blod an was like "y plz have merci at lest let me hav karu an my mom back" "nope karu is nevr comin back an ur mom welll......" al of a suden his mom came from out tha see an was like "i hatd u y cant u b a manli boy like ekaj? im fuckin him now btw"  "NOOOO NOOOO YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"  shini scemed an ten i cut his hed off  as blood gushd from it. "fuckr desrvd it he trid 2 end tha world an for no reson at all!!!"  an all the girls cheerd an were like "yes we agee wit u!" and they al rubbd my bulkg in my pantss so i sad "ey girls time 4 a fuk?" AND THEY ALL SCREMD AN JUICE CAME FROM THEM THEY WERE REDY AND HAPPY CUZ WE WON BUT TEN....!!!!!!!

a huge potal shapd like a pussy came open and out came.............. ATNI!!!!  "anti wat r u doin here!!!"  "oh ekaj its rely import u have to come wit me now!!! wait holy shit theyr hot lets fuck!!!" and we did. "wow godamit dat was gr98 OH SHIT YEH EKAJ!!!! WE GOT A MESAGE AN WE HAVE TO HELP TEM!!!" "wats da mesage atni" "uts a mesgge from.... EQESTRA!!!!  ALL THA PONIS HAV BEN TURND HUMAN  AN SOMETIN CALLD TROLS AND FLAMRS R INVADID THEYR KINDOM!!!!  AND THEY WANT UR HELP!!!"  "OH SHITFINGRS!" i scrmed and i said "goodbye u guys sory i luv u have fun in dis world fuckin an shit!!!" but then anoter portl opend up an.... IT WAS RONAN (ab saykuyra 2)!!!!  "DAD OMD I TOT U WERE 2 FUK 4 ALL ETENRITY!!!" "yes son but its ben an etrnity  an sakuras rely tird from all tha sex so now i ned more!" "wel dad tthats y y pysicaly concted wit me!!! but u culd become king her an fuck these sluts"  and he lookd at them an was like "FUCK YES I WILLL!" an sakura also saud "yeh id fuk them!!!" so i hi fived my dad and said bye to them all and cummd on them 4 good luk  xcpet my dad u gross freks an then me an atni jumpd in2 tha portal and portland and landed in a new worl in gren field.... al of a suden tis hot girl wit purple hair an  apurple dress came up she had monstr tits   and she was like "hi im tilight spakrle u must be ekaj WE NEED UR HELP" an i got up an buried my face in her tits and she scremed ogasming.  I WAS IN EKWESTIA NOW AN WAS GOIN 2 STOP THA FLAMRS AND TROLLS FROM  DESTIYING IT I WAS THE PONIS  ONLU HOPE!!!!


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