Chapter 1: The Arrival



OK! hello everybody! i know this might shock som of u but this id me JAKE TANNER. I WROTE NARUTO VENAGENCE REVELAIONS!  do u guys remmebr that fantastic fanfic?  well this is me again! the guy who wrote it! i no ive been gone 4 a long time, since october 2011 actually, but I'M BACK! I had to quit the internet for a while because my stupid fucking ex-stepbrother hacked my fic and posted some bullshit chaper that FUCKING SUCKE!  well anyway since then me and tina r still together and yes we fuck a lot still. im 15 now and this fall im going to high school! isnt THAT GR8?  anyway so i want to aplosigze 4 how kinda of homophoby i could be in my old fic  im not i want gay mariage im just STRAIGHT AND NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT I LOVE PUSSY  (ps im not sexist)!  but anyway i dont realy like naruto anymore i started watching more of shipuden and its just stupid i also found about all those yaoi girls why would they do that to naruto and sasuke?  fuck. anyway so yeah right now im geting back into animes i loves when i was a kid like dbz, pokemon, yugioh, and i also like bleach more now so yeah.those are the BEST ANIME EVER.  but even tho i dont like naruto anymore im really proud of that fic!  im gonna b using some of the characters from it here!  aslo do u guys rembr wen i said i dint like westrn animaton well i still don ECEPT 1! i fond out abt dat show my litle pony wel at first i was like dats 4 fags  but ten iw atchd nd i liked it its awesom its the best westrn animted show EVR!!  but IM NOT GAY JST BECUS I LIKE IT OK LOTS OF MANLY GUYS LIKE IT ALRIT  ITS AEEOSME SO FUK OFF HATRS BRONIES R DA BST!

anyway so u guys mite b wondering y im writing a nge fic huh? well im writing this because before my stepmom and my dad divorced benji )my stepbro DUH) had mentioned this show to and said i should watch it 'because its beautyful especaly the movie'  or some dumbass retarded shrap like that. well yea right like im going tow atch some shitty show he likes he likes shit but its an anime so i thot about watching it later sometime. tinas cousin pedro really likes nge and i met him and sometimes hes cool so since im fucking his cousin i said fine and we watched it. I thot the first 13 episodes were ok but kinda boring and angtsy but then the next 4 episodes or whatever started geting really annoying AND THEN THE REST! THE REST OF TEH SHOW AND THE MOVIE FUCKING SUCKED! I FUCKIN HATED UT!! SHINJI SUCKS!!!  I HATE HATE HIN! AND KAWARO 2! I HATE THIS SHOW ITS XTIAN PROPOGRANDA!   AND I REALLY HATED THE TV SHOW EDING AND ESPECIALY MOVIE! THAT MOVIE WAS WEROD AND SCARY   AND THA MUSIC SUCKED IT WAS 2 MODERN! IT MADE ALL NO FUCKING SENSE!  SO NOW IM WRITING A FIC THAT MAKES IT GOOD! i mean YEAH i like dark stuff and shit but evanGAYrion (got it right fucking tards?) was TOO DARK AND DEPRESING SHOWS SHOULD BE HAPPY ND FUN I WATCH TV 2 ESCAP NOT TO SEE PPL ANGST ND B STUPID WHINY CUNTS!!   but anywa im not sure how long this fic will be but probably 13 chaptrs or even less.  i dont have time 2 do a really long fic like nvr because in workin on something else really SPECIAL THAT YOU WILL ALL LOVE.  btw i wont be puting much fetishy stuff since im not into it as much BUT there will b lots of hot sex! 

oh yeah and this story is basicaly about what it would be like if a MANLY NON PUSSY guy came in and took shinjis place! it changes the whole series. isnt going back and changing all series A VERY ORIGINAL IDEA!?

Chapter 1: the arrival

the year was 2015 and the world had ben blown up by the 2 impact or some stupid shit like that  anyway my name was Ekaj and im 5 years old.  my dad is ronan beelzbub  and we come from a different place but now my dad, and sakura are in another dimension so i traveled here. my gf atni was doing something else right now  so it was just me by myself. i am 6 feet tall  and have dark red hair  with some blue straeks in it and one gold streak  (because naruto is 1/4 my father). i have blue eyes that shine sexily when girls look into them  and i have huge biceps (20" around) big pecs and an 8 pack.  my penis is 15" long, the same as my age haha.  my balls are the size of tennis balls  so i am so much more of a man than shinji even if i hadn't met him yet.   i was wearing black baggi shorts that had flames sown onto them and i also wore a dark red shirt that had those really smalls straps what are they called? bitchbeaters or something?  yeah those. i was wearing sandals  with metalic straps on them and studs on them too. i was fucking badass.

anway it was really sunny out those stupid bugs were chirping "STFU!" i shouted and so the cicads  or whatever theyre called stopped making noises.  "tahts better" i said and kept walking down the steet strutting my sexy bod. all the japanese chicks were rasping  in shock at my hottness but i ignored them i had something else on MY mind.

i had been trasnfered to a school here  and today had ben my first day. everybody was to scared 2 talk 2 me becus girls thout i was to sexy and guys thot i was too badass  so they didnt talk to me i jsut sat at my desk loking fucking awesomeing smoking a joint  + sippin a beer  an awering all the questons right.while there i had heard of thos place called NERV and they were going to fight this thing calld an angel  with a giant robot and i knew i had the power to help. i knew i was stronger and hotter than any of the other kids  there so with my super inteligence  i found out where nerv was and was going there RIGHT NOW.

when i got to NERV there was a fmeale gourd  blocking my way. "sorry fella u cant come in" she said. "oh yeah?" and i whipped out my heug cawk.  "OH SHIT!" she dropped to her nees nd was droolling som much there was a puddle blow us.  "now can i come in?" i said "HELL YES BUT YOU HAVE 2 LET ME TUCH IT!" "sure bitch" i said and she did. she squeezed it and i gasped but then ripped it from her hands  and walked down with a badge she gave me.  "PLEASE DONT LEAVE, I WANT THAT DICK!"  she sceamed but I dgaf about her. my tag had a realy sexy picture of me on it.  i was flipping of tha camera in the pic.  below it was my name diamon in crusted  as "Ekaj Beelzebub"

wen i got insid i went 2 wherwe i was suspoed to be  i went to his room with montoors and people working on cumpoters and then i saw this super sexy bitch with blackish purply hair. he ass  was so tight goddamn i knew i wanted to fuck that shit till it fuckin broke. i walked up to her "hey baby wats ur name" she looked ovr at me in shock "oh wow ur hot. hi my name is misatp"  "mm ill call u missy mmkay?" "lol" she giggled" "i like that!" then i looked arond the room and saw some stupid nerdy guy  werkin on the comp a guy with long hair  and i hot girl who i could tell was a lesbian.  then i looked behn us and saw a guy with supr shiny glases his hand s were in front of his face  i knew he was EVIL.  but then an alarm went off! hen some sexy doctor chick ran in and screamed "AN ANGEL IS FUCKIN ATTACKING YOU ASSHOLES! GET TO WORK! GWAHHHHHHHHHH!" she was cryuing histericaly nd her eys were bulging  like my cock does in my pantsu.

"SEND OUT DA EVA BITCHES!" ritsuka screanmed at ass  and misato and me rushed to where the eva is. then i herd some whiny cunt crying and looked down. "whos the litle bitch" i asked. "thats commandeer irakis son shinji" "what stupid dumbess".  i jumped down there sexily  and went over there. "U NEED TO PILOTS THIS EVA NOW LOSER!" i screamed at him so hard my spit went into his face. "I CANT PILOT THIS I DON WANT TO WORK FOR MY DAD I CANT I CANT RUN AWAY BUT WAGHHHHHHH!" "GET OVER IT!"  i punched shinji out  and he fell down. his nose was bleeding and he cried like a little bitch "waghaahhhhh!" he welped. i  new tha litle bitch wuldnt do a thing  so i hoped into his eva and rituko was in the room overhead screaming with her hair looking electricfed "HOLY SHIT MOTHERFUCKERS! HIS NSYNC  RATE IS LIKE 10000 FUCKING PERCOCET!"  Maya was so shocked she kissed risuko pasionated on the lips  and groped her servix. 

i was geting ready to lunch now and mifune sceamed "HASHI!" (dats what day say for launch in japanse!_   as my eva baslted off to fight the nargle.

"hey U AGNEL OVER THERE!" he ooked at me scared because of my sexy  loud anger vouce. "YEAH U IM TALKIN 2 U GET OVA HERE!" and it ran over to fight me but i punched it away as it ran at me. as i was walkin torawd it to kill it i saw a young girl standing in the street and picked her up and said "here let me help you" and threw her to satfey.

then i walkd over to tha angel and icked it up  and slammed it on the grind so hard it was bleeding. "hahahaha!!! shinjr could neva do this!"  i stomped on it. but then it jumpd up at me and punchd me i fell down and was hurt!"

"RAHHHH!!!!!!" i screamed and chrged at it and took its arms nd ripped them off i was ripping the angle to pieces. "HES IN FUCKING BERSERKER MODE WTF!" screamed risupo. shinji faunted watching the fight on screen because hes a fucking pussy and couldnt handle the beating i was giving to the angel. a beating he could never fucking give because he SUCKS.   i kept beting the shit out of it then i ripped its heart out nd ate it out  and it was DEAD. everybody cheerd i was the best fucing eva pulot ever bitches but i was hert so i wen i came back i need to go to the opstial.

when shinji woke up i was there in the hospital room with him. "god u fucking suck" i told him and he started to cry. "oh is that it? ur gonna cry like a little bitch? snap out of it!"  i slapped him and he shut the hell up like he should. then misato came in "hey you two i have some news. youre both gonna come live with me and Ekaj they made an Eva JUST FOR U!" she hugged me and fell my dick get hard as it rubbed against her thighs.  "lets leave the little boy alone for a minute." so we went outside and she said "i had no idea u were so huge!  ur defonitely not a boy like shinji.... ur A MAN!" and she kissed me then walked off to her cool car.  i went back into shinjis room "what were u doing ekak" "none of your fucking business loser." i said and then got my stuff and left so he could cry by himself like the limp dick fucker he is.

the next day i walked to school as sexy as ever, not even bruised from my fight.  but when i got into the class i saw somebody was there i didnt want to see. it was shinji.  "FUCK!" i screamed and he started to cry "im sorry ekaj its not my fault!  i didnt want to come but i had to and im so sorry!" he yelled. "UR SITTING IN MY FUCKING CHAIR BITCH!" i screamed at him, then pushed him out of the shcair and he fell to the floor crying. everybody laughed at him.  a guy called toji came up and said "hey you saved my sister from being killed by the angel thanks so much! lets be friends."  sure" i said back and we shook hands he seemed much cooler than shinji but then this other kid came up i cant remember his name and he was super annoying. "is that ur friend toji" i asked. "well yeah but if you dont like him i dont need to be friends with him"  toji said so i said "i dont like him" "ok" he said so then i punched the kid and he cried and went over to shinji me and toji laughed.   then a girl came up whos name i cant remember either  "hey" she said she was pretty hot. "who are you" i asked. "Im Toji's gf." she said "oh" i said. "are you guys fucking?" i asked toji. "oh.... no. we arent." he said and i burst out LAUGHING! "HAHAHAH! For somebody cool you sure are being a loser!"  i said. "well we'll do it sometime!" he said and i kept laughing. "whatever" i said and finished my test which i got an A++++  on.  then as we finished a girl came in with bandages on her. it was that girl i saw earlier. Rei was her name. "wow shes pretty sexy" said Toji. "yeah she is. im gonna fuck her soon but she needs to stop hanging out with that fucking loser shinji"  i said as i watchjed her walk to shinji.

after class i walked home and waved bye to my friends. shinji was already home and was crying in his bedroom.  i opened his door to tell him to shut up but i saw him jerking off too a picture of rei. i laughed at his tiny cock.  "HAHA! U WANNA C A REAL DICK?" i said and i pulled mine out  and he started at it but kept jerking. "oh you find this hot i bet huh you pussy!" i put it back in my pants because i didnt want him jerking off to me wtf?  then he stopped and started to crying really loud. "WHTY CANT I BE MONSTER HUNG LIKE YOU! GO AWAY!!"  he screamed and tried to throw something at me but i threw it back at him hitting him in the face hurting him so hard he bled. i laughed at him for sucking  and went to the kitchen misato was there. "hey baby ur looking good" her ass was sqzuesed twight into her leather pants. "u 2 fucker" she said but then we heard an alarm go off on her phone and a roar outside!" "EKAJ.... AN ANGEL IS.... ATTACKING AGAIN!" i gasped and knew I had to fight another one. "AND EKAJ....  THIS TIMEYOU WILL BE FIGHTING IN UR NEW PERSONLAN EVA WITH REI BY YOUR SIDE!" 

So that was the first chapter! i basicaly covered the first 3 episodes i think.  please review  AND DO NOT FLAME! also stayed tuned for the next chapter! its going to pick up from this one then go all the way to when they met asuka on the boat and that angel apears!

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