Chapter 4: IDK Yet

chapter 4
well guys im so sorry i havent updated in awhile but u kno why from my jornals  all i have to say is FUCK OFF FUCKING FLAMRS FUCK FUCK SHITTING FUCKASS! 

this chapter might be short than usual  not sure sorry. but ive decided i wabt the fic to be over before labor day wekdnd!!! k? because i want to post the first part o my furpruse on labrador weekend!!!

also u guys know how b4 i did try to make my spellin bettr welL FUCK THAT!!! im sick of grammr nazis im gon REBEL! FUCK SPELIN IM WRITING THE RIGHT WAY. MY WAY!

CHAPTER 4: idk yet

me ekaj and asuka  ran all the way back to nerv. the girls butts tits and cunts swayed  as they ran and hit people in their faces some ppl got knocked over and broke their scully  anyway when we got to nerv i scremed at evrybody there "ALRIGHT U NETHERFUCKERS! ME REI AND ASUKA NEED TO GET IN OUR EVAS AND HAVE A THRESOME TO FIGHT THE NEW ANGEL NOPW HELP IS GET IN OKKKKK??!?!?!"  i scrmed so loud mayas hair was blow back into a new sytle  anyway ristuko walked in and ws all like "WELLL OK THEN SHITHEAD! WELL DO THAT BUT U GUYS NEED TO BEHAVE WHEN U FIGHT OR FUCKIN ELSE!!" she grabbd maya by her ass and they walkd off. we were gettin ready to go down the evas but then THE POWER WENT OFF!!!! i knew it was seele the momnt it happend and that gendo was in at it speaking of gendo i heard his evil laugh echoeing through nerv.  since it was competely dakr inside we had to try to find where to get to the evas  we went into the vents and cralled through.  "ekaj im really scared!!" said rei and asuka was like "well im not scared bjut fuck we nee dto get to the vas!!!" "yeah ur right baby and rei stfu i luv u though!" we cralled through the vents but ended up nowhere. thats when i decied to use my power of telephony  to find out where the evas where and it worked i found them so the girls just followed my dirction and we found the suit it place!!! "oh wow ekaj ur so great!!!" said rei "awesome fucking job ekaj fuck all the haters!" she said and i kissed them both stickin my tongue so far down their throats  it hit their heart.   the evas had already been set up so we all suited up. "damn u girls look fineeeee!" i said as they got int2 their suits holy cocksnickers  they looked hot! i slappd rei and asukas asses and they went into ther evas and i suited up an got naked  my dick was so huge it almost cuildnt fit into the sit  but iut did so i was fine. i ran to my eva and got into it. it was super angry and read tof ight its eyes glowd red and it spikes shined in the light and made a sharp sound like blade or something u know how they do that in some anime yeah? that. anywa we all baltes off as gendou watched his glasss shined evily and the shining was nearly as cool s my spikes. he then smled and cackled as evil calsiccal music played behind him. "I WILL HAVE U SOON EKAJ AHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! AND UR LITTL SLUTS TOO!!!!" 

as we flew thrugh the fight we saw the angel inthe sky. it was spitin acid at nerv headquarts it wanted to get inside for som stupid bullshit hack reson  i guess anywa it also was gonna commakazi tokyo i3 at leas tthats what misato told ius over the radio. we had to save tokyo 3 and nerv so we flew to the angel and started to munch on it.  "fuck u angel fuck u!!!" i said but it knockd all of us back!!! we kept tryin to fight it but we kept failin. "ALL U 3 NEED TO REALY WORK HARD TOGETHER!!!!"  screamed misaot. "I KNOW BITCH STUF!!!" i screamed.

ritsumo was in her glass room thingy watchin our fight with maya. "ugh seein that sexy fucker ekaj fight gets me all HOT!" she yelled at maya. "want to fuck?" maya asked. "you bet i do" said ritsko "just dont let kaji know!  heehee!" they both gigled and then they took off their clothes. ritsuko took one of her boobs and shuved it into mayas but and fucked maya in the ass with her tit.  "THAT'S RIGHT! YOUR GUNNA TAKE IT LIKE AN ANIMAL!  RAWR!" roared ritsugo at maya. "uuuuuughhhh OHHHHH YES!"  maya poaned in mleasure. maya began to cum and the cum soaked the desk they were fuckin on so now it was risotukos turn to get fucked so maya broke a leg of the desk they wer on  and shoved into ritskos butt and fucked her with it  while she fitsted ritsuko in the cunt with her fist that had a pencil in it.  ritsuko orgasmed so loudlu her voice broke all the windows in nerv and casued a few ppls heads to explode but anyway the both finished and gpot back to watching our fight.

we all kept chargen at rhe angl but it cept gettin closer to nerv so we raced to nerv. misato was over the radio sayin "u guys need to stop it from gettin to central dorgma!!!! mike a pile of urself and keep of the acid while we give u a gun!!!"  so we rushd to this big hole thing  whete the evas are brught up. i got on bottom and asuka and rei got on top as the angel kept gettin closer and droold acid on us. "fuck u angel i yelld!!!" and then misato came on the radio sayin "the gun well be there n a few minutes" "WE DON HAVE A FEW MINUTS WE NEED IT NOW U FUCKIN WHORE!!!!" "ugh" she said nd hung up. "DONT U DARE HANG UP ON ME BICH!"  i scremed. "rei u need to go get the gun its takin forveer to get up here!" and so rei got down and flew down to get the gun. "agh the acid it hurts!" said asuka "stop complainin bitch ill save ur ass soon.  where the fuck is that cunt rei?" i asked but finaly rei came up! she HAD THE GUN! i took an then blastd the angel up woondin it badly. ma dn rei zoomed up with asuka had to go and heal the wimp. rei then put a switch on and i rrpped open the angls "at feld" or whatevr and rei then had huge hot boobmilk lazers  come from her eva tits.  the angel was blasted and balsted again it then fell over   so i ran and we both used r at fioelds to rip open its at felds and then she took a knife an i took a gun and she stabbd it and i shot it and it DIED. "YES WE WON!!!" i screamd. "gr8 job ekaj! hey look asukas cummin up!" said misato over the voice introcom thingy. asuk was lookin a bit less burtn and then she said over her mic "u know what time it is ekaj?" "what"  "3SOME TIME!" and we all pounced on eachoter. we rolled around on the city fuckin each other and acidentaly squished a few ppl tho most of them ahd been evquated so it was OK. anyway so me and rei stood up and she got on 1 side of a skycrater and i got ion the other then i shoved my eva cock thru the windos of it  where her but was on the other side so i fuckd her throu the buldin it was kind of like a giant gloryhol lol.  my huge eva dick dsestoryed the offic inside and a few socrates who were inside watchd and rubbed their pussies  to it while office stuf flew around. i ended up cummin so much that cum was oozin out of the 69th (lol) floor  which is where i fucked jher  and the cum jet was so big it blasted her off like a crocket and she flew off and landed on the oter side of the sity. my eva then got anoter boner and i knew it was time to fuck azula. 

"CUM OUT CUM OUT WHERVER U R! LLOL!" asuka was hdiing behind a buildin and then she came out "right here! cum and get me!" and so i stood aup and flew straight at her so fast my cock went right into her eva moth. she went down on2 the grond and i slammed i face fuckd her with the bac of her hood destoryin the street below.  the rei cum up beneth me and started to have her eva lick asukas evas pussy. then rei shoved her eva hed into asukas eva pussy and asuka cummd so much from the feelin the cum replacd the lcl in her tank thingy. finaly we all fell back and asukas and reis evas kissed each oter while i slappd their eva heads with my eva cock.  we were done. "holy shit! u guys done? that was so hot i poopd my pants!" said mksato. "damn bitch yeah it was hot but yeah were done were comin back to nerv." "ok c u here in a few!" rei an asukas evas had a hard time walkin lol.

when we got back to nerv seele and gendo were in there rooms. "damit the angls must rexch central dogma!!!"  scramed one of the seele guys. so gendo was lile "it will soon they will soon we must only weight AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

"WELL U GUYS DID A GR8 JOB EVEN IF UR A BUNCH OF LITLE SNOTNOZED BRATS!" said ristko. "stfu ritsko!" and mistao SLAPPED her and irsko gapsed but they didnt fight. "ANYWAY I need all of U TO STAY HERE OVER FUKIN NIGHT GOTTIT CUNTS??? u got a sync test tomorr!" "ugh but were so tired!"  said rei "no suck it up like u do my cock hahaha. yes ill be here." i said. "well if ekaj is gonna b here then so will  i!" said asuka." "ok fine me to" said rei so we decded to stay and then went to go to slep.

when we woke up we went to a sexy showr room an all got naked. my dick was hangin down to feet an the girls just stard all hot i pracitaly took a shower in their pussy jice! anywa wen we were dun we got suited up and shit an into our evs. "ALRIGHT FUCKRS U READY FOR UR sync test k plz?" said iritoko. "yes u old bitch" i said "DO NOT. CALL ME. OLD!!!!" and she cremd and slammd the panel so hard with her fist tha room shook. as we were all getin sync EVRYTHING WENT BLAC!!!! IT WAS ANOTER ANGLE!!! "godamit only oen day later an thers anoter!!!"  i scremd. "NOOOOOO!!!!!ITS HAKCIN THE COMUPTRS NOT MY BABIS!!!!!" scremed ritsuko her ters were spewin from hr eyes like firehose. "wat is the antel" i asked and ristko inaswrred bitchily "well u little fuckface its this little virus tings and theyre gonna take ovr the comps and MAKE THE BAS SELD SESTRUCT!" e all gaspd. "well irtsko ur in luck. when i wentb to college i lruned tons abt computers im an exprt! hook me up and ill save is." "i dont kno...." "DO IT NOW BITCH!" i scremd and she did even thos he didnt want to. all fo  suden the scren in my eva showd the virus an a map of nerv so i tlepahticaly hookd myself to it and with my mind said. "FUCK U VIRUS GTFO!!!!"  and i saw the mini virtuel at field so i put my mental hands together an ripped it apart WE WERE ALL SAVED!!! everything went back to norml the ligts whent on and ristko cheered! "WELL i still hate u becus ur an idiot but thanks for that" "dont eepxvt it again u prude bitch." i said. we got out of our evas and went to the panel room we thought it was time to go home.

but evn aftr we defeated the angl ristko was like "OK LISTN U MAGGOTS! WE NED TO C IF EVAS CAN WORK WIT DIFERENT PILOTS IN THEM RIGHT?? SO EKAH GET IN ASUKAS AN.... OH GODAMIT SHINI UR GONA GAVE TO B IN REIS!" shini cryed and wept but got into hers waitin for the test. i di gr8 in asukas as asuka watch in the controk room rubbin her pussy. "1000 PERCNT!" yelld ristko and put a finger in the air wagglin it. it glowd gold. so ten it was shinis turn in reis eva and he got in but then the eva went WRONG! it strated yellin and screamin and it bashed at the wall sand widows  and then it slammd through the windo and tried to grab rei and ristko so i raushed up there and use my strength the push the arm bak and resuc the girls. ristipo pulld a ldver and it deactived he eva. "GODAMMIT SHINJI! THIS IS ALL UR FUCKIN FAULT U LITTLE PUSSYWIMPBITCH!" scremed me to him as i pointd acuslingy.  rei and asuka gigled behind me but risoaku said "BE QUIET U LITTLE SHITS!" so i flipped her of and i put my arms around asuka an rei and we walkd off. "REI WAIT" said ristko "what is it u bitch" rei asked. "gendo needs u to do sometin" "ok fine" she said so rei stayed while me and asuka went back home.

later that night me an asuka were fuckin in the kitchen an i shoved a toaster into her vagina. while we were doin that rei was in her eva and carrin sometin into cerntal dogma where there we these tubes but u culdnt tell what was in them an there was a shadow of a huge creature but u culdnt c what.... but rei was carryin.... THE LANCE OF LONGIUS!


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